Budget Honeymoon Tours in Europe

The countries of Italy, Austria and Switzerland are beautiful and perfect for a honeymoon destination.Europe Group Tours, a renowned tour operator in India has planned 10 days /09 nights Affordable Honeymoon Package for Italy Austria Swiss. This is the Best Honeymoon Package for Italy Austria Swiss. The Indian honeymooners will enjoy this Budget Honeymoon Package to Italy Austria and Swiss as it covers many major tourist attractions in the area.

Honeymoon in Italy

The trip begins in Italy and the tourists arrive in the capital city of Italy Rome. The day 2 starts with a visit to the Vatican City where the tourists get to see major attractions like the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, to name a few. After the Vatican visit the tourists then visit the Colosseum and then get a roman city tour of the major tourist attractions in Rome with a great Time Elevator Ride in the evening. The next day the tourist visit Pisa and get a city orientation tour that includes the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Later the tourists pass the beautiful city of Florence where there is a photo stop at Piazzale Michelangelo Point and the famous Statue of David. On day 4 the tourists arrive in Venice where they get a beautiful Gondola ride of the canals of Venice. This is then followed by a visit to the Glass Factory and a walking city orientation tour before arriving in the lovely city of Padova in the evening.

Honeymoon in Austria Italy Switzerland

Honeymoon Tour Packages for Europe

Honeymoon in Austria

After seeing the gorgeous Italy, the honeymooners then move on to the Swarovski Crystal World and Museum in Watten, Austria. After this the next stop is the lovely city of Innsbruck where the tourists get a walking city orientation tour of the important landmarks of Innsbruck. After Innsbruck it is the famous “Sound of Music” city of Salzburg where the tourists get a walking city orientation tour. There is a great drive through tour of Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein followed by a visit to the famous Rhine Falls before arriving in Switzerland.

Honeymoon in Switzerland

After arriving in Lucerne, the tourists are taken to see the famous alpine region of Jungfraujoch and later a drive through the famous city of Interlaken in Switzerland. After this the tourists get a chance to visit the Engelberg and the famous Mount Titlis region of Switzerland. Later back in Lucerne, the tourists are given a city orientation tour of Lucerne and some free time for shopping. The tourists can shop for famous Swiss products like Swiss watches, Chocolates and other merchandise in Lucerne. This is then followed by Lake Lucerne Dinner Cruise with Swiss Folklore Show. The next day the honeymooners head back to India with pleasant memories.

This is a great honeymoon package tour in Europe.

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